This website serves as the archive of Carteret County’s sports history, from the early 1900s until today that will be celebrated through the Hometown Teams exhibition and the accompanying local displays, videos and events. Please note the search option on the homepage that will allow you to enter the names of the player or coach you are interested in learning more about and it will give you a direct link to those athletes.

CarteretCountySports.org will be the continuing and permanent on-line collection of images, documents and recordings that will share the history, leaders and moments of our local sports history including our county’s rich surfing traditions, local high school bands and others who have been part of our sports heritage.

Thanks to the vision and commitment of Joe Boy Willis, former player and coach, this website is a comprehensive guide to Carteret County athletes, coaches and events. Coach Willis’ ten years of documentation is located under the “research” tab where he has compiled by league and year the accomplishments of local teams and players.

Community members have contributed the yearbook pages, photos, clippings and stories found under each sport title. Additions to these sections are being made daily and we invite you to share YOUR stories, photos and memories by emailing those to museum@coresound.com.